Thursday, December 11

the shipleys!

This was another Lux Photography shoot. It always neat to see a friend out of their element--Nicole and I both know Mickie through sorority associations--they are sisters and Mickie and I have been on the TAP board together for the past two years. We both knew her when she was pregnant with her little boy, so this was extra exciting!!

and that photo in the jerseys is one that Nicole took, but I had some fun editing it, see? too cool!

Tuesday, November 25

the denton gals

shoot 2 of Lux Photography NC's sessions on the November 16th at Pullen Park! The Denton gals were SO much fun to work with--Daughter Denton really wanted to ride the carousel and was excited about her hushpuppies and milkshake after the shoot!

the sloan family

a few weekends ago Nicole and I shot our first "official" sessions as Lux Photography NC--be sure to check out her pics, too! We got some senior pictures, anniversary pictures for the parents and a couple of family pictures, too!

Friday, November 7

the andersons

these people are always good company, even when I'm asking them to smile while I flash lightbulbs with them! p and I have known each other for a couple of years now--we met as a part of our sorority alumnae association, and we've had some really fun double dates! she loves sushi and has a fabulous sense of humor, and her husband is pretty spectacular too.

my friend nicole joined me for this shoot and we had an excellent time. these are the ones I took--you can see nicole's pictures here. (I especially love her one of Davis in the hat!) little d is SUCH a cutie and loves elmo, too!

Tuesday, September 30

megan and charlie

megan, her roommate and her doggie, charlie all came out for pictures. she wanted some just for her and some that looked more holiday-esque. they turned out wonderfully, I love the way the greens and browns in the waterfall compliment the red in her hair and charlie's coat!

september 12, 2008

Friday, August 22

l, k, n and d

this is SUCH a beautiful family--inside AND out. And I had such a wonderful time taking pictures of them! We went to Duke Gardens on a Sunday afternoon and had such fun!

I've also developed price lists, so if you are interested in having family portraits taken PLEASE send me an email!